Mission Statement

The Catholic School Mission:

Together with the family, the parish, and each other,
who seeks the Truth, grows to love It,
and learns to live It.

Together with the family, the parish, and each other…
The Catholic school can be successful only if it works with the parents (the Child’s primary educator), in the context of the parish (the basic unit of the Church family) united as one system under the Bishop.

we will form each student…
Catholic Schools must go beyond instruction to shape the total person and foster a mature adult faith capable of living our one’s baptismal promises.

Into a Disciples of Jesus Christ…
The definitive aim of Catholic education is to form Disciples of Christ. Christ is the foundation of the entire Catholic educational process. Jesus is the Master Teacher, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

who seeks the Truth, grows to love It, and learn to live It…
The Catholic school reaches beyond religion class to emphasize the application of Gospel values to all subject areas at every stage of life. Lifelong faith, not mere memorization, is the ultimate goal of the Catholic educational process. To seek Truth demands teacher and learner alike to think critically, creatively, and deeply. To grow to love Truth requires a relentless pursuit after the true meaning of life. To learn to live Truth requires a commitment to apply moral principles to the changing and challenging issues of everyday life.

Holy Name Catholic School Mission

Holy Name Catholic School
unites parish and parents
to provide a quality Catholic education,
so students grow to know, love & serve God
as a disciple of Jesus Christ.