Parent Teacher Organization

Parents are the first and best educators of their children. Therefore it is essential that home and school work together in a spirit of harmony to develop, promote, and protect the mission of the school. If a school should have a parent association, it shall be governed by a set of bylaws approved by the Pastor and the Diocese. All decisions or recommendations of Parent Associations, Booster Clubs, and other similar groups are subject to approval by the principal. Each parent association shall include the following goals among its purposes:

1. Foster cooperation between the school and parents by providing a forum to address school-wide issues of mutual concern;

2. Assist parents in understanding and fulfilling their sacred roles as Catholic school parents;

3. Provide a network for action on public policy issues that affect Catholic schools and Catholic school parents.

4. Assist in providing for the material needs of the school in a manner consistent with stewardship.


Fall Fundraiser

During the 2019-2020 school  year the Auction/Gala will be held in September. In order for our auction to be successful, we need everyone’s help. Like the school carnival, all parents will be expected to help in some way with the auction. There are many ways for everyone to help and currently we are looking for people to assist in the following areas:
Acquisitions, Bank/Accounting, Tickets/Sales/Ads/Sponsorships, Food/Beverage, Marketing/Programs/Printing/Publicity,
Processing/Cataloging, Decorating, Class Projects, Worker Scheduling, Presentation, Entertainment, and Computer/Software/Data Entry.

Spring Fundraiser

The carnival is a fundraiser for the school, sponsored by the PTO. All parents are asked to contribute of their time and talent for this event, the carnival will be held during the Spring. The success of the carnival depends on the help of all parents.