Sisters of St. Joseph

There would be no Catholic School system if it were not for the more than a century of contributed services from thousands of women religious as well as the Jesuits, Franciscans, and Christian Brothers.  The men’s religious orders no longer serve in the Diocese.  There are fewer than twenty women religious still serving in diocesan schools.  This constitutes a legacy that must be recognized and valued because it has left an indelible mark on the diocese of Wichita. The Sisters of St. Joseph served at Holy Name Catholic School starting in 1917 and continue up to the Present.  The Sisters of St. Joseph modeled Reverence, Respect and Responsibility.  These are the 3 Catholic R’s that are still a part of our school today. Inside the front entrance of the school, The Religion Formation Committee has placed a beautiful picture of St. Joseph with the child Jesus and two plaques with the names of the Sisters of St. Joseph who have served at Holy Name Parish.  The plaques display the names and dates of service of the 113 Sisters who devoted their time and talent to our parish and school.