Faith Formation

Parish Library

We are fortunate to have a small parish library where parishioners are welcome to check out books on our faith.  It is located on the second floor of the north bell tower.  We understand stairs may be difficult for some to navigate, so we also have a spreadsheet with many of our titles.  If you see a book you would like to check out and cannot climb the stairs, let Father Chad or Sister Janelle know, and we will get the book for you.  It is a joy to learn about our faith!


A Cursillo weekend brings together a diverse group of Catholics to share the richness of many modes of worship and to broaden each one's appreciation for our Church.  Lay people conduct the weekend with two or three members of the clergy functioning as spiritual advisors.  Cursillo presumes that those who attend are already well grounded in the faith.  It is not intended to be a conversion experience but an enriching and deepening of what is already there.  It often provides new insights into our faith as well as fostering ministry among lay people

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Totus Tuus

Totus Tuus is a Catholic youth program.  Four college age leaders dedicate a summer to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith through catechesis, evangelization, Christian witness, and Eucharistic worship. The goal of Totus Tuus is to help young people grow in the understanding of, and strengthen their faith in, Jesus Christ. It is only by establishing a real and personal relationship with Him that we can be led to the love of the Father in the Spirit and so be made sharers in the life of the Holy Trinity.   Totus Tuus seeks to foster openness to vocations in the young people, grades 1-12.  This is accomplished by placing special emphasis on the importance and necessity of prayer, Eucharistic devotion, and Marian devotion, in addition to catechetical instruction and formation in the Catholic faith.  Totus Tuus is a one week program offered each summer. Contact the Rectory at 620-251-0475

Eucharistic Adoration

Every Sunday from 12-8, our parish offers all people a chance to worship our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration.  If you are interested in the holy practice of committing yourself to one hour, please contact Jesse Abudu at 620-251-1639

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Prayer Chain

If you are interested in being a part of the prayer chain, or have an intention for the prayer chain, please contact Sr. Janelle at the parish office: 251-0475

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